Children’s Clinical University Hospital of Riga


Area of expertise and Healthcare Provider’s contribution to care for patients within the MetabERN Network

Our hospital is located in Riga and consists of two institutional complexes, one in Tornakalns district, Vienibas gatve 45, and the other in Jugla district – Juglas street 20. Our hospital is the only super specialty pediatric health care institution in Latvia. Every year more than 15,000 patients are treated on an in-patient basis and more than 300,000 receive out-patient medical care services. The hospital’s vision is to ensure high quality and safe health care services for children, developing multi-profile and emergency as well as child-friendly medical care, medical education and research implementing 6 Sigma (LEAN) principles for patient flow and better human resources planning.

The hospital provides State-funded health care services to children at the out-patient clinic along with emergency and critical care services. We also provide optional paid services. Medical technologies and treatments comply with EU state results. The Children’s Hospital’s mission is to take care of the health of children entrusted to its care and gratitude to society for its trust.

The Clinic of Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics, which includes the Rare Disease coordination center, takes care of Children and Adults with metabolic Diseases. The most common disease and area of expertise is Phenylketonuria; from year 1987, when neonatal screening started in Riga and Latvia, all of the patients have been managed and treated here. The Metabolic team takes advantage of the collaboration between Geneticists, Pediatricians, Internists, Nutritional Specialist, Psychologists, Neurologists, Physical Therapy specialists, Cardiologists and all other specialists as needed.

All other metabolic disease patients, including patients with Lysosomal storage diseases, Urea cycle disorders, Mitochondrial diseases, Disorders of vitamin and cofactor metabolism, are also in the care of our team.

We also have specialized metabolic laboratory and a neonatal screening program. The testing we are not able to provide are carried out by affiliated laboratories in other European Union countries.


The Children’s Clinical University Hospital provides the following diagnostic and therapeutic services:

    • Genetic counselling for all patients with metabolic diseases, prenatal investigation, and testing in families with metabolic diseases and risk calculation for family planning.
    • Newborn screening for 6 congenital diseases.
    • Chaperon therapy (specialized in Phenylketonuria)
    • Enzyme replacement therapy, usually provided in outpatient clinic as long as it is necessary
    • Nutritional therapy for diseases with specific diet (specialized in Phenylketonuria)
    • Patients requiring specific medical or surgical treatments for complications of the disease (e.g. gastrostomy, tracheostomy, not invasive ventilation etc.) receive these treatments following guidelines identified in accordance with the metabolic team
    • Patients with acute metabolic decompensation or patients who need acute care are admitted to Intensive Care Unit and treated in accordance with guidelines for emergency identified by the metabolic team
    • A team for home palliative care assistance is available for metabolic disorders, other rare diseases (e.g. neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular diseases) and for oncologic patients. Palliative care team follows metabolic patients in accordance with guidelines specifically identified together with the metabolic team
    • If necessary, consultations with specialized Disease centers in European Union is provided, receiving state funding if treatment is not available in our country

Madara Auzenbaha

Leading researcher in Riga Stradins University Scientific Laboratory of Molecular Genetics; Head of Rare Diseases Coordination Center, Children’s Clinical University hospital of Riga

Madara Masinska

Children’s Clinical University hospital of Riga