ERN Exchange Programme



The aim of the Exchange Programme 2021-2022 is to share knowledge and to stimulate collaboration between health care professionals in European Reference Networks (ERN). In 2021 and 2022, three different rounds of exchanges will take place between professionals of HealthCare Providers (HCP’s) that are a member of an ERN. The objective of the Exchange Programme is to palliate disparities in specific knowledge or gaps in expertise by facilitating the arrival of high-level expertise in a considerable number of diseases to a big number of Healthcare Providers.

As an HCP, you can be involved in these exchanges! In this online tool, you can fill in suggestions for exchanges, either a need or something you can supply to others as a host or visitor. The costs of the exchanges (travel costs, travel insurance, per diems for subsistence costs) are covered. The research institute Ecorys will take care of all the logistics. You need to connect with other members to make a concrete ‘visit plan’ with the content details of the exchange. If you are interested in becoming a visiting expert, trainee or hosting institution in this exchange programme fill in this form or send an email to the Coordination Office.

The programme offers many possibilities for exchanges. Therefore you are required to meet the goals of the ERN with the exchange. The coordinator/manager of the ERN need to approve your exchange, since the number of exchanges is limited. During each exchange one or more professionals will travel to another HCP, that HCP will host the visit. As a hosting center, it is important to make sure that there is a clear ‘visit plan’ for the professionals who will visit the center.

Possibilities for Exchanges

  1. Visit of the professional to HCP to receive information/get training from the host HCP.
  2. Visit of the professional to HCP to disseminate information/train the host HCP.

All members of the ERN can send their suggestions for exchanges, either a need or something you can supply to others as a host or visitor. Based on the input of other members, you can also express your interest in the suggestions of hosting centers and get in touch to make a match. Each month, the ERN coordinator will approve new proposals for exchange visits. Fill in this form to express your interest in participating.